Review: The Young Maths' Thank You Goodnight We Are

Rio Grande Valley rock powerhouse The Young Maths have finally brought us their first official EP which follows 2005’s Bodybags demo.

This new four-track EP is titled Thank You Goodnight We Are and was just released today. It was recorded with local producer/recording engineer extraordinaire, Charlie Vela. Also, dig that crazy artwork.

Let us begin. One track at a time.

1. Sheets: It would seem that this track has been revisited and revamped, as it were. The guitars on this song flow really well; epecially after the chorus. You can almost smell the sweat-drenched riffs. The production on this track does kind of drain the song of some of the juice it contained in it’s demo format. This might be me, but this song also sounds a bit ‘rushed’. However, what it takes is immediately replaced and kept in check by bassist Manny Montejano’s swift fretwork and the intense vibe given off by singer/guitarist Robert Godinez’s vocal delivery.

2. Gay Bars: A tale of one particularly indulgent evening in the life introduced by a bass line that can only be described as ‘scarily sexy’. This song introduces us to elements that the band has recently been incorporating more and more in their music. From soothing harmonies to an incredibly strong vocal solo from Montejano, this song showcases the band’s ability to sing. This guitar solo is entering funk territory. One thing I really enjoyed about this song was the subtle and almost ‘lullaby-like’ synth parts near the end.

3. The Science: This song is a perfect example of what to expect at a Young Maths show. Rob’s singing going from intense to crazy, synths, kicking beats from drummer JP Chapa, and chords to kill from guitarist Patrick Garcia. The opening riff alone is catchy enough to set this song on the right track towards shaking hips and bobbing heads.

4: Fingered On The Dance Floor: It’s hard to define one of this band’s songs as a ‘hit’. Almost every single track has the same hypnotic effect on the audience; it makes them dance. However, and I’m putting this lightly: this song shakes floors. Right from the beginning, the loud countdown to madness, this track just emits energy that compels you to ‘cut a rug’, if you will. Backed by the funky bass line, the guitars shine and the beat keeps the ‘party’ in this song going. This track pretty much embodies the concept of ‘fun’.

Now, let’s catch our breath. This EP isn’t without it’s flaws. Luckily, a majority of my gripes lie with the production and not the songwriting. To put it simply, these songs lack a sense of cohesion. Each instrument sounds great on it’s own but together the way the complete recordings sound on this EP don’t do justice to the emotion and intensity that these songs convey in a live setting; these songs have feeling to them that we can’t really hear on this EP. Flat out, this band kick quite a lot of ass. This EP, however, only kicks a fraction of that ass.


The band will be throwing their EP release show tonight at the Douglas Clark Gallery in McAllen, Texas at 9pm. The band will be selling copies of the EP at the show. I would definitely recommend going to the show if you want to experience this band at their absolute best. Plus, to be honest, you haven’t really listened to this band if you haven’t experienced them live. You can find the flyer on the sidebar to your right.

Plain and simple.

Oh, and one more thing. There have been a few 8bit versions of Young Maths tunes floating around the internet. They were recorded by local electronic artist, You & Me vs. the World a.k.a. Raul Altamirano of White Zebra. I’ve included his version of ‘Sheets’ below as well.
The Young Maths – “The Science”

You & Me vs. the World – “Sheets (8bit remix)”


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