Girls are heartbreakers

(Photo: Pooneh Ghana on Flickr)
Girls just released a new track from an upcoming release of theirs titled Broken Dreams Club.

It’s out on True Panther/Matador November 22nd. Tracklist below.

1. Oh So Protective One
2. Heartbreaker
3. Broken Dreams Club
4. Alright
5. Substance
6. Carolina

This new song is the second track on the EP, “Heartbreaker”.

I like this song. Girls is soaring past their debut album’s already ambitious level of pop songwriting and inhabiting much more subtle territory that is otherwise left to it’s own damp affairs. As for new songs, Girls have been exposing their fans to more and more as time goes on. Whether they’re preparing for a new full-length release or Christopher Owens can’t go a single day without writing a terrific pop song is beyond me. All I can tell you is that I am a humble writer and avid listener of this band who cannot wait for this EP to be released.

I won’t be hosting songs for a bit while I get everything settled in with this new site, so you can grab this new track here. Please excuse the inconvenience.

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