Deer Tick releasing split with Johnny Corndawg

Partisan Records has just started this series of vinyl 7″s where they put out 1000 copies of one vinyl 7″ featuring an artist that they feel people need to be exposed to. It will be called the Partisan Records Co. 7” Series.

The second in the series will be a split between Deer Tick and Johnny Corndawg (really). Deer Tick are bringing their cover of ZZ Top’s “Cheap Sunglasses” to the recording while Corndawg will be bringing on a couple of slices from his upcoming album called “Night Rider” and “Chevy Beretta”. You can listen to the former of Corndawg’s tracks below along with a track from Deer Tick’s most recent album, The Black Dirt Sessions, called “Piece by Piece, Frame by Frame”.

Deer Tick – “Piece By Piece, Frame By Frame”

Johnny Corndawg – “Night Rider”

The 7″ will be released on Partisan Records on November 9th.


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