The Photon God: Halloween 2010 Is Never Over Mix

I’ve been busy gathering materials for my Morrissey costume, so I wasn’t able to post this up on time. However, it remains my contribution for Halloween Blog Mixes.

This Halloween weekend has probably been the best of my life. You can still kick it to this even if it isn’t Halloween, but it was originally meant for this weekend. It has something for everyone, with a touch of me. So, I’m touching you. Yeah. Check it out and give it to your friends.


1. “Intro” – Bela Lugosi

2. “Where Eagles Dare” – The Misfits

3. “Seaww” – oOoOO

4. “Ghost In The Trees” – Thee Oh Sees

5. “At My Heels” – Twin Shadow

6. “The Devil” – The Beets

7. “I Want A New Drug (TPG Xtra Depressing Mix)” – Grails

8. “Halloween” – AFI

9. “Night Creature” – Woods

10. “Tuff Ghost” – The Unicorns

11. “Don’t Lie” – Abe Vigoda

12. “Fright Night (Nevermore)” – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

13. “Sleep Forever” – Crocodiles


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