The Flight of The Peppered Moths

This past Monday, I was drinking my usual ‘too much’ tea at Ambrosia Coffee and hanging out with friends. Around 10 o’ clock that night, two young and hairy fellows walk into the shop carrying a guitar and a cajón (box drum) and begin to set up at one side of the shop next to my table. I’m always eager to hear a new band, especially from this area, and these were some very fresh faces. Naturally, I paid attention.

Wouldn’t you know it, I’m glad I did. These two guys (named Cristian and Alan) kicked out some pretty good jams by the end of the night. I, being the technological creep that I am, set my laptop at a decent angle and shot some video of their performance from my table with my Macbook Pro. Enjoy the show.

As of right now, the band doesn’t have any recordings available. I hope they get some soon, this are the kind of jams that are worth listening to. Keep your eyes peeled, World.


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