The Rent Is Too Damn High

For those of you who don’t make viral videos an important part of your web-surfing agenda, please watch the video below.
Now, as most of you should know if you live in the United States, we just had gubernatorial elections across the country yesterday. So, naturally, the past couple of months saw heavy campaigning from most of the candidates involved and some received more popularity than others…as you can plainly see above.

The man in the video I linked above is named Jimmy McMillan. He is the founder of the Rent Is Too DAMN High political party. His main focus is, obviously, to lower rent rates. As of right now, it is not up for discussion whether he is aware of the fact that he might not have thought his campaign and, well, his entire statement of purpose all the way through. However, dig this, y’all.
Jimmy McMillan is releasing an album to promote his party which could be considered self-titled in a way. It’s called The Rent Is Too DAMN High Vol. 1. The album was released digitally yesterday, but will receive a physical release December 7th. Here is a music video for the track “Ain’t Nothing To Talk About”.
I don’t even know what to type. You can download another track from the record, “What Is This?” below.
Also, McMillan was apparently a popular singer in the 70s with one ‘hit’ single called “A Woman Is So Hard To Understand” under the name ‘Jimmy Mack’. I’ve linked the song in a Youtube video below because you just HAVE to listen to it.

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