Background of the Week: Jukebox

I forgot that we needed to add a new background to the site when I returned from Fun Fun Fun Fest. Sorry about that. We’ll start this week late.
I found this image over at the wonderful Die Big image blog. I’ve always found it and it’s associate blogs quite fascinating. The entire operation is run by a guy from LA Peter Nidzgorski. He’s a graphic designer and runs Die Big, This Isn’t Happiness, and Nevver.

All three of these image blogs are subjects of much speculation and admiration by web-surfers all over the world. They feature some of the most creatively-stimulating content you can find on the web without putting in much effort. Die Big and Nevver even feature mp3s along with their images.

It’s really great stuff. I highly recommend that you take a gander at what they have to show you.

As for the source of this image, I don’t know where it’s from but whatever it is, it’s a film. This is probably going to be driving me crazy but I think that this song is playing in this image. Dig it!
T. Rex – “Jeepster”

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