Only In Dream Band

I just came across this band today; not even five hours ago. They’re called Dream Band and hail from the dark, seedy underbelly of the ‘boroughest’ of the Five Boroughs: Brooklyn, New York. Okay, I’m just kidding about the dark, seedy underbelly stuff, but they are from Brooklyn. They play some really wonderful music that I wouldn’t want to try and give a definite genre name to. It’s rock music, it’s pop music, it gets your head into a certain atmosphere. That’s the only way I can really explain it. That and the fact that when they have a drum beat, I bob my head.
They just released a three-track EP last month on their Bandcamp page which I highly recommend picking up. It’s only $1.98 and, if you ask me, it’s totally underselling itself. Take a listen to one of the tracks below.


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