Interview (kinda): Keith Morris of OFF!

This was definitely the most fun interview I had at Fun Fun Fun Fest. I’m a huge fan of Keith Morris and most of the music he has helped create. I’ve even run into him a few times at SXSW but never had the chance to actually speak with him. Well, I get my chance, and it wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be. I hadn’t really prepared any questions for the guy; I just wanted to talk to him. So I did. Therefore, this isn’t really an interview so much as me talking to Keith Morris for six minutes. But they are a funny six minutes. Enjoy.

Note: I’m embedding the video now because I won’t be online later tonight to post it. I will be at a show in Mcallen. At this very moment, the video is processing. It should be done within the hour. So, check back around then for the video. I’ll make sure to post it on Facebook and stuff when I get back.

OFF! – Panic Attack

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