Catch the Vulpes

I posted about Vulpes earlier in the year and they recently resurfaced on my iPod in a really good shuffle I had going. I mean, Fugazi’s “Waiting Room” into Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle”?! you can’t beat that.

As I was saying, I forgot how much I liked this band. Their live show is pretty solid save for their vocalist’s occasional lack of tune. I will have videos of a recent show of theirs edited and online sometime over this coming Christmas vacation, so keep an eye out for that. As for now, the band has released their first album, Nothing Special, for download on Bandcamp free of charge. I really think you should take a listen and pick it up if you like what you hear. Oddly enough, downloading the individual tracks costs $1.

My favorite track off of the album, “Ghost Dance”, is posted below. I’ve recently realized how good of a song this actually is. I was listening to this on repeat while walking around at school yesterday. It’s a great Winter song.
Vulpes – Ghost Dance
This version definitely needs some polishing but nonetheless a catchy tune it is.

One Comment on “Catch the Vulpes”

  1. omie says:

    i like ‘fire’.

    no one hand claps anymore.

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