Air Waves across the world.

“Anywhere the wind blows”
– Freddie Mercury

I drove to a house during this year’s SXSW–correction, I drove to a spot a few blocks away from a house and walked to it. From far away, I could tell that it was one of the many ‘places to be’ that are called into existence during the festival. Many people were both inside and outside of the house talking, drinking and smoking cigarettes. I went alone, and didn’t know anyone there, so I made my way through the conversations and through the open front door into the house which was three times as packed as the front yard was. I managed to make it to the dining room in which a stage had been set up. It was maybe three feet high and a good six-to-eight foot-wide square platform. A band was setting up but I couldn’t tell who it was. I decided to make conversation with the person nearest me. That is how I met a guy named Dan from Liverpool that I would continue to run into for the rest of the week. But I digress. The first band I saw was Total Slacker. Following them was a bit of a curveball of a band compared to their preceding act. The band was led by a girl named Nicole Schneit. She had a cute face but a worried look on it. Maybe she was anxious. I don’t know. But I was intrigued. I heard people in the crowd murmuring things about ‘Air Waves’. “Air Waves this” and “Air Waves that”. So, I assumed this band was called Air Waves. Once they started playing, I found my gaze was transfixed on the small stage for the entirety of this band’s set. I was hooked. I had never seen nor heard of that band before, but I loved every minute of it.

Since then, I’ve been listening to the few Air Waves tracks I do have. So much in fact, that one will be on the upcoming blog mixtape. The track I leave below is from their album, Dungeon Dots, which was just released on Underwater Peoples a few days ago.
Air Waves – Knockout
This is a great example of what you will get when you listen to Air Waves, simple pop music that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

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