Carte Blanche

Do you think when an archaeologist digs up an old skull and holds it up, he sees a human head in his hands?

I’ve been listening to a lot of lo-fi music lately. Garage, pop, rock n roll, you name it. If it’s noisy, I will probably be into it right now. There’s just something incredibly satisfying about letting your ears float in an atmosphere full of noise. Letting it coat your ears; covering them in a protective layer of grime which allows them to fully appreciate the music surrounding them. Once you become comfortable listening to music that wasn’t recorded with the highest quality of microphones or studio equipment, or any at all for that matter, you are free to enjoy the great song that is left under all of the noise. It’s a taste that not many people can acquire, but if you are one of those that can, you have a great gift.
That being said, there’s a really noisy duo that I’ve been listening to a lot lately. They’re called ba babes and hail from Brooklyn. James Reilly on guitar, Michael Walsh on drums. They rock hard.
They have a four-track EP out that is aggressively titled Hate The Beach out now. You can download it for free at their Tumblr. One of the tracks off of the EP will be on the upcoming blog mixtape. Another is posted below. Check it out. ba babesNOllie Shuv

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