Hooks, Hooks, Hooks

If there’s one thing that Cloud Nothings‘ Dylan Baldi can do, it’s write a catchy pop song. Keep in mind, catchy doesn’t necessarily mean absolutely original. But I’ve found that there is more fun in picking out and recognizing influences in new music than there is in complaining about how “no one makes anything new nowadays”.
Cloud NothingsUnderstand At AllAfter some discussion with a friend about this new ass-kicking CN song, “Understand At All”, a friend of mine pointed out that Baldi’s vocal solo’s melody is vaguely similar to a vocal melody used by Brian Wilson in The Beach Boys’ “You Still Believe In Me”. Given, this friend is the biggest Beach Boys fan I know, but the fact remains that he’s onto something. Don’t even get me started on comparing this thing to Wavves‘ new sound. If we did, we would be dealing with apples and oranges; but both are delicious, so let’s just eat one, be happy, and avoid wasting 20-30 minutes of our lives. This is a fun song and that’s all that should really matter.
The first full-length Cloud Nothings album will be released January 25th of next year on Carpark Records in the US and Wichita Records in the UK.

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