Houses cover Kensrue

When I was seven years old, my grandfather presented me with my first guitar. It was an old Monroy acoustic that I beat to shit over the coming years. (sorry grandpa) But a few months after owning the guitar, I decided to write a song with it. If memory serves, this was in early December. Given that the holidays were in full swing, I decided to write a Christmas song; my own Christmas carol. So I sat down in my room and spent about three hours coming up with a tune that was called “Christmas is Jesus’ Birthday”. It wasn’t very good, but I recorded it to cassette and decided to enter it in my 2nd grade science fair. I won 2nd place. I know now that Christmas isn’t actually the birth day of Jesus, but the message remains the same.
Houses are a duo comprised of Dexter Tortoriello and Megan Messina that creates simple jams with ambient atmospheres. I like to listen to them when I’m either sleeping or just relaxing on my bed. Here’s an example of their sound: “Soak It Up”.
Houses – Soak It Up
They recently covered “This Is War” by Dustin Kensrue. I was never really a fan of Kensrue’s solo work, or much of his work with Thrice in the past few years, but I like this cover. It has a darker feel than their other work.
Houses – This Is War
The band also made a music video for the song which you can check out below.

One of many great holiday songs that will be showing up in the next few weeks. :)

All Night is out now on Lefse Records.

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