Feature: Cassie Ramone’s Top 10 Album Covers of 2010

Cassie Grzymkowski (aka Cassie Ramone) has played in many great bands; primarily Vivian Girls and more recently The Babies who have a new album coming out next year. Given that I live in the southernmost part of the country and can’t afford to make the six-hour drive to Austin to see every single show I want to see, the first time I saw Vivian Girls was earlier this year when they played at Cheer-Up Charlie’s during SXSW. Despite having a pretty persistent cold, I really enjoyed their set. It was all I had imagined a Vivian Girls performance would be. Not to mention I kind of think everyone in the band is cute. So when I was asking artists if they would be down to help, Cassie was kind enough to contribute a list of her own. In no particular order, here are her

Top 10 Album Covers

from this year.

White FenceSelf-titled
CR: I’m a big fan of this clip-art style, love the colors and I think the images work really well together.

Candy ClawsHidden Lands
CR: Their artwork fits their music so well. Looks like an antique children’s book. The fonts are gorgeous and really tastefully done.

Hunx and His PunxGay Singles
CR: I just love this, obviously. Hunx is the best.

Grass WidowPast Time
CR: Grass Widow’s video for “Fried Egg” is my favorite of the past year; I think it’s astoundingly beautiful. The album cover is great too. I’m really into their motif of scattered instruments.

Best CoastCrazy For You
CR: [It] does a really amazing job of looking like a classic 70’s-era Beach Boys-esque album.

WoodsAt Echo Lake
CR: Jeremy Earl is one of my favorite artists around right now. I really love his loose style and subject matter.

Keep Shelly In AthensIn Love With Dusk
CR: The color scheme on this record is gorgeous and very appealing to me; makes me want to be where-ever that is.

Arcade FireThe Suburbs
CR: I’m into the graininess of this record cover. The color scheme on this one is also excellent, as is the composition in the photo.

Male BondingNothing Hurts
CR: These guys are great friends of mine. I’m always astounded at their use of photography and graphic design; it’s really simple while being very aesthetically appealing and all their own.

Happy BirthdaySelf-Titled
CR: I’ve found that coming up with a great band logo is one of the hardest things to do artistically in music. Happy Birthday’s logo is iconic and represents their music perfectly.

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