Feature: Vulpes’ Top 10 Albums of 2010

Vulpes are one of the strongest acts coming out of the Rio Grande Valley area right now. They’re just four dudes from Mission, Texas with passion and energy. They’ll have a new album coming out sometime next year. This is their list for their

Top 10 Albums of 2010

10. Ryan Adams & The CardinalsIII/IVVulpes: Recorded in 2006, but released under Ryan’s start up indie label, Pax-Am, this year. No one describes this album better than Mr. Adams; “concept rock opera about the 80′s, ninjas, cigarettes, sex, and pizza.”
Key Song: “Typecast”

9. Best CoastCrazy For YouVulpes: Because you can’t go wrong with a girl singing songs about romance and relationships Ramones-style.
Key Song: “Crazy For You”

8. Wild NothingGeminiVulpes: This indie dream-pop album was good on so many levels, it’s a shame there isn’t more like it.
Key Song: “Summer Holiday”

7. The Black KeysBrothersVulpes: No longer just a drums and guitar duo, The Black Keys showed they are among the best blues-rock bands with this album, which includes a broad variety of instruments and styles.
Key Song: “Never Gonna Give You Up”

6. Dr. DogShame, ShameVulpes: One of our favorite bands since the release of Toothbrush, Dr. Dog did not disappoint.
Key Song: “Later”

5. Miniature TigersFORTRESSVulpes: These songs retained the catchiness from Tell It to the Volcano and we absolutely loved it.
Key Song: “Egyptian Robe”

4. Kings of LeonCome Around SundownVulpes: We reached closure when we realized the raunchy sound of Kings of Leon’s first two albums would not return for Come Around Sundown. We were definitely surprised to hear this great album.
Key Song: “Beach Side”

3. Ram Di DamLiar To AdmireVulpes: This was our first taste of Swedish indie pop, and we’ve got to say we loved it.
Key Song: “Flash Backs”

2. MGMTCongratulationsVulpes: Psychedelic. Epic. Beautiful.
Key Song: “Siberian Breaks”

1. FoalsTotal Life ForeverVulpes: This album combines good beats, great vocals, and amazing arrangements. Why can’t we be English?
Key Song: “Black Gold”


One Comment on “Feature: Vulpes’ Top 10 Albums of 2010”

  1. Ash Oak says:

    Oh now I know where they got that song “Flashbacks” from it’s a Ram Di Dam cover. Excellent.

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