Feature: Lumberjack’s Top 10 Albums of 2010

You could say I ‘joined’ my local scene back in 2005. A good friend of mine started taking me to his band’s shows, most of which were of the ‘hardcore’ persuasion seeing as how that’s what was ‘in’ back then. I met a lot of the other bands and befriended a few of the guys. Eventually, my friend’s band broke up, I stopped seeing people, and stopped talking to them as a whole. (MySpace didn’t count.) Fast forward a year or three and I re-meet a guy named Steven Salazar who I met when he played in a band called My Final Farewell a while back. Fast forward to today, and Steven’s now known as Lumberjack, one of the Rio Grande Valley’s blossoming electronica artists and a close compatriot of Jeff the Smith. He was kind enough to contribute today’s first list of his

Top 10 Albums of 2010

10. Com TruiseCyanide Sisters EPLumberjack: Com Truise is something new to chillwave that will be setting standards. That bass drum sound and those synth parts are unforgettable.
Key Song: “Slowpeels”

9. Arch MLand HuxtLumberjack: A very short and simple EP but amazing at the same time because it gets to the point with very well set samples and transitions.
Key Song: “Highest Plains”

8. Dum Dum GirlsI Will BeLumberjack: I caught the Dum Dum Girls at SXSW and really enjoyed the sound. Then this album came out and I was in awe. This album is fun and raw and keeps playing on and on.
Key Song: “Jail La La”

7. Small BlackNew ChainLumberjack: Do I have to say anything? I mean, holy shit, Small black knows how to write amazing music. Chillest album I have heard yet.
Key Song: “Patterns”

6. StarslingerVolume 1Lumberjack: Groove and bob your head is what this album should have been called. Amazing hooks and samples; I couldn’t get enough of this album!
Key Song: “Extra Time”

5. oOoOOoOoOOLumberjack: R&B-style influenced and hard bass, this album goes well for drives and just chilling.
Key Song: “Hearts”

4. Active ChildCurtis LaneLumberjack: Haunting vocals and harps put together make Active Child’s EP just amazing. It feels like I’m in a dream of some sort.
Key Song: “I’m In Your Church At Night”

3. Keep Shelly In AthensIn Love With DuskLumberjack: Amazing key parts and wonderful vocal parts, this EP just makes me remember the good days.
Key Song: “In Love With Dusk”

2. Best CoastCrazy For YouLumberjack: Songs about weed and love are the best; perfect soundtrack for the summer of 2010.
Key Song: “Bratty B”

1. Twin ShadowForgetLumberjack: Reverb and singing about heart-ache always goes well together in a album. It also has killer bass parts.
Key Song: “Forget”

Come January, Lumberjack will be releasing a single called “French” here. There’s also talk of a possible vinyl release.

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