New Life In Beach Fossils

Beach Fossils is one of those bands that I got into and remain into. Their sound is reminiscent of the past but at the same time something fresh and new that people will not soon forget. Maybe I over romanticize things, but when I first saw them in Austin at “House of Guys” or whatever that House was being called, and I felt the floor start to shake beneath me because the second Dustin Payseur hit the first few notes of “Vacation” the entire house started jumping around and dancing, I felt like I was experiencing a significant part of my life. Now, I’ve never read Kerouac’s On The Road; in fact, I’ve deliberately put it off for a certain point in my life. However, I was sure what I was experiencing was something special. All of those people, myself included, were here to see this band play. We all somehow discovered mp3s of the band’s music and traveled from all parts of the country to visit this house and experience their music first-hand. This collective involvement in our generation’s culture is the kind of thing I live for. It’s something kind of wonderful, really.Fast-forward to now, and the band is getting ready to release a new EP titled What a Pleasure on Captured Tracks February 22nd. Just one listen to this new track, “Calyer”, and you’re immediately transported into the band’s fascinating world of hopes and dreams. Also, the guitar interplay is one of my favorite parts about this band’s sound. The notes played from 2:39-2:51 absolutely hit the spot. Beautiful.

Beach FossilsCalyer

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