Time of Jeans Wilder

Never for one moment doubt the power of word of mouth. It can move mountains, it’s so strong. I first heard about Jeans Wilder through several blogs but never gave the project much attention until it was brought up in a conversation I had with TJ Duke of Cloud Nothings at a show in Austin a few months ago. The conversation revolved around band recommendations and Jeans Wilder was a name that was thrown into the mix along with others like Heavy Hawaii and Thee Oh Sees. Name-dropping aside, after that conversation, I looked up Jeans Wilder’s music and gave it an honest listen after that conversation. I was slightly put-off by a bit of the experimentation that came with the music, but at the same time, you could say that I was very intrigued. I got a hold of his Relics release and lived in there for a while. I have a few years of learning how to listen to lo-fi music to thank for my being able to appreciate the delicate songwriting Andrew Caddick stored under the clanging and banging of some of his recordings. I consider it a journey well-spent.

He just released his first official album, Nice Trash, on both Atelier Ciseaux and La Station Radar a little over a week ago. Check out a cut from the album below.

Jeans WilderBlanket Mountain

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