eeeeeeeeeendless suuummer

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” – some guy somewhere some time ago.
A relatively long time ago, someone came to the brilliant conclusion that more research should be conducted before determining one’s opinion about something. At the time, the relevant something was books. However, this is a universally applicable principle. For example, 10 years ago, I would probably pay more attention to a band called Super Karate Monkey Death Car* than a band called–I dunno–Earth. The reason behind this is because one name sounds more exciting and therefore garners more attention than the other. Unfortunately, like every good thing, people took advantage of this and eventually ruined it for everyone. Now, if I’m to choose between two bands which I will give a listen to, and one is called–say–Regurgitating Demon Seed, and the other is called something like Boxes, I’ll probably pay more attention to Boxes because they went with a simpler name. However, there remain a few exceptions to this, and by few I really mean few. One such band recently walked into my life. They’re called Batwings Catwings, which is a laughably-perplexing name. But I was won over by their aggressive and often melodic brand of electro-laced post-punk. Their delivery reminds me of a lot of the 31G bands I used to listen to in high school; mainly the bands Justin Pearson was involved in. Listen to a cut off of their four-track EP, Peacock Collection, below.

Batwings Catwings – Endless Summer

Peacock Collection is out now on Indian Gold Records. You can also download it for free off of their blog.

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