Sleep Good on Strange Vacations

I follow a lot of music blogs on Tumblr. This is because, during my own extensive digging throughout the internet for music, I ignore a lot of things. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m very picky with what I decide to check out. So following these blogs gives me a sort of filter/net for what I’m looking for. If I ignore something and see it again on a Tumblr I hold in high esteem, I’ll give it a shot.
Case in point, this tape. It’s called Strange Vacations and is by a band called Sleep Good from Austin, Texas. It was brought up again on Yvynyl, and I definitely hold Mark’s taste in high esteem, so I gave it a listen last night at the band’s Bandcamp page.

Holy Brian Wilson, it’s good. Like, really, really good. The journey from Side A to B is on par with something out of a sci-fi story, which is fitting because the covers of the cassettes released with Kassette Club are going to be outer space-related. I’m going to cut off my words here and let you take the experience into your own hands. This first track is from Strange Vacations, the second is from last year’s Skyclimber. Both are available on their bandcamp.

Sleep Good – Lemonland
Sleep Good – Berry Suit

Listen to it all here.
Pick it up here.

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