The Souls

I love learning about the origins of things. Predecessors are where it’s at for me. So, I recently learned that my neck of the woods, the Rio Grande Valley, was touched upon by the British Invasion of rock and roll in the 60s. Of course, it’s not completely unheard of, it’s a really surprising and comforting thing to learn. I grew up in the Rio Grande Valley with a strong interest in music. I picked up a guitar just like many others in this area and one way or another, we were all inspired to play music somehow, so we do. We like it. We have fun. It’s incredibly comforting to learn that 40 years ago, the same thing happened the same way to people just like us. There was a music scene then as there is now, and there were bands then as there are now. They had some pretty great names, too: Thee Kavaliers, The Headstones, The Playboys of Edinburg, and The Souls.

That last band released a 7″ single for a track called “Diamonds, Rats and Gum” on a local label at the time called Pharaoh Records. Listen to that track below.
Christopher and the Souls – Diamonds, Rats, and Gum

One Comment on “The Souls”

  1. Phil Chairez says:

    Cool post. I had no idea. And The Souls have some groove to them. Very cool!

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