Album Review: Yuck’s Yuck

I haven’t written anything on here in nearly two months. Honestly, it has felt like years. But I just got back from SXSW a few days ago, and I’ve decided to commit to this again. I will make time to do this. So, without further ado, my review of Yuck’s self-titled debut.

This album was released a little over a month ago and I had a chance to really digest it this past week while I was up in Austin. I gave it several listens throughout the week and by the end of the first listen I was kicking myself for not getting into this album earlier. Yuck’s sound is fresh and contemporary but at the same time, it has a few nods toward sounds that, while not entirely original, hearken back to a time rarely revisited in modern music nowadays. Their gritty yet somewhat polished rock songs are wonderfully crafted and, at times, even a little on the delicate side. Some of my favorite tracks from the record include “The Wall”, “Suicide Policeman” and “Operation”. This album is one of the strongest debuts I’ve heard this year. I am definitely looking forward to what the future has in store for this fantastic foursome. I was able to catch their performance at Club DeVille this past week at SXSW and was very much impressed with the great noise they made.

Yuck is out now on Fat Possum.

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