Hands in Magic

I like a lot of bands. I even love a lot of bands. However, there still remain a select few that I really connect with on a more intimate level. I can’t explain why, but something about their music grabs my attention and could easily hold it ransom if it wanted to. Here We Go Magic is one of those bands.I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them twice in two different parts of the country; each performance greater than the last. Their second album, last year’s Pigeons, absolutely blew me away. Since then, I’ve been very much looking forward to the next thing to come out of the creative conscious of Luke Temple and co. Luckily, that next thing is on its way in the form of an EP. Its called The January EP, so I’m going to assume it was written this past January after the band had some time off from touring. I’ve had a chance to listen to this EP and I definitely think it’s a step-up from Pigeons in the best way possible. It was produced by the band’s bassist, Jen Turner, and recorded to tape so expect a bit more warmth in the production.

Check out the haunting single, “Hands In The Sky”, below.

Here We Go Magic – Hands In The Sky

The January EP is out May 10th on Secretly Canadian.

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