Pizza Pizza Pizza

Ah, the facade. What a pleasure it is to become a different person even for a second. For that second, you’re looking at the world through eyes that are not yours. Colors begin to glow differently. You hear things through another’s ears also. One can wonder whether the same frequencies will still resonate as they have before under different observation. Is one song heard by one person the same song when heard by another person? To don a persona is to momentarily allow yourself to cease to exist. That being said, this band is called Personal and The Pizzas.

They’re a band from Hoboken, New Jersey that I was lucky enough to be able to catch at the same Burger Records party I mentioned in my Summer Twins post. I had heard a lot about them from various blogs that I kept in touch with during my ‘hiatus’ and put them on my list of bands I absolutely HAD to see that week. Luckily, I did. The band is fronted by the wild ball of brawn and bravado known as Personal. He introduced his band, The Pizzas, and they launched into a strong set that brought the Ramones to mind almost instantly. Their no-nonsense rock and roll combined with Personal’s greaser shtick made for quite the show.

As I mentioned before, the party was shut down a few bands too early and I picked up several tapes before taking my leave. Personal and The Pizzas’ Raw Pie was one of those tapes. The first thing that caught my attention was the album art–a classic photo of Iggy Pop with a large pizza slice cut in–which showcases a bit of the band’s divine rock and roll influence right off the bat. Then came the various interludes and intermissions on the album; humorous banter regarding the upcoming tunes mostly. Altogether, it’s a fun release that I’m probably going to keep in my truck’s tape circulation for a while. I highly recommend it. And if you can, see these guys live. You’ll find a slice of what to expect below.

Personal and The Pizzas – Brass Knuckles This track is my personal favorite. It’s called “I Can Read”.

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