Pandas wear T-Shirts

One of the albums that I’ve been looking forward to most this year is Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear‘s fourth album, Tomboy.

Last I heard, it was wasting away in production limbo with the occasional leaked demo or live bootleg thanks to the fine, fine members of the Collected Animals forum. There was also the Tomboy 7″ b/w “Slow Motion”. However, it appears now that the album has a release date with none other than Paw Tracks. That date is April 14th.

I also just heard that there’s a special T-shirt being sold with 1000 copies of the record on Record Store Day. These copies will be spread about the country with participating record stores, so keep an eye out for it; it’s a pretty sweet shirt. The nearest shop to me that would carry this shirt+album bundle is in Austin, but that’s quite a drive and I’m saving up my pennies for Austin Psych Fest, so I’m probably not going to get one. Posting the design below.

Digging it for sure.

Aside from the Tomboy single, I haven’t really given any of the material an actual listen. I am liking this track though.

Panda Bear – Last Night At The Jetty

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