Album Review: The Strokes’ Angles

I’ve been taking some time to listen to several new albums. I mean really listen to them. I feel like I’ve made some real progress so far. Expect a few more reviews to come.
First up, I gave a good portion of my time to The Strokes’ fourth LP, Angles, and while it was even farther out in the realm of sounds than their last album, First Impressions of Earth, I liked it a lot more. I’m not entirely sure how that happened, but I do. Everything from the delicately crafted guitar play between Albert Hammond, Jr. and Nick Valensi to the backing “oohs” and “ahs” on tracks like “Two Kinds of Happiness” makes this more of a memorable album than it’s predecessor. I would say that this album isn’t as good as the band’s debut, Is This It?, but I honestly don’t think that the two should be compared in such a way; there are two completely different bands playing on these albums. Angles is a strong effort in itself; it can dance on two legs like you and I can blink and breathe.
The Strokes – “Two Kinds of Happiness”

One Comment on “Album Review: The Strokes’ Angles”

  1. jhonn molina says:

    Nice review, I for one do like the new direction the strokes are heading in. i’m glad they decided to just not make the same cd over and over which they could have done after Is this it? I agree their sound has evolved and continues to, but I think that is the sign of a true artist; one who is unfazed by past accomplishments and strives to make music regardless if it will be lauded and fawned over or simply be considered to out there.

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