Badum Tish

I’ve said it before so I’ll say it again and if I haven’t said it before then…well, I’m saying it now: simplicity is brilliance. Some of the most basic song structures have weaseled their way into people’s hearts where they’ve made permanent homes for themselves. Take the main riff from the Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, for example. It’s simple, and it swayed millions of people from side to side and made them jump and scream “I CAN’T GET NO!” in unison. Watching this kind of phenomenon unfold is fascinating; beautiful, even. It reminds me that music doesn’t have to be decorated in complex song structures and carried by cryptic lyrics that beg to be ‘figured out’ by their listeners. Of course, it can be if it wants to. Music is a big kid; it can do what it pleases. However, as far as personal preference goes, simplicity is brilliance. This brings me to today’s post.

One of the bands that I simply have not been able to get out of my head since I came home from SXSW this past March has been Brooklyn’s Xray Eyeballs. At the time a four-piece, they reeled me in with their all-girl rhythm section and kept me there with O.J. San Felipe’s simple, blood-rushed guitar riffs. That’s what won me over about their debut album, Not Nothing. There’s an incredible amount of power and strength in a simple melody, and I can feel that power rushing through this record. I’m proud to say Not Nothing gets me wigging out in the best way possible. Favorite tracks: “Nightwalkers” (below), “Po’ Jam”, and “Kam Sing Knights”.

Xray Eyeballs – Nightwalkers

The band also released a music video for “Egyptian Magician”. You can check it out here.

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