A Day at the Vatican Beach

I’ve discovered that a slang term has developed among the many heps I’ve come across at countless shows in the past year. This term is “the jam”. It is commonly used to refer to a song that the user thoroughly enjoys, and feels so strongly about their enjoyment of the song that they feel compelled to declare that it is not only a relatively good song but, in fact, a universally good song. The common format of usage is as follows: “X song is the jam”. Note, this term is not used lightly. It is the crown of crowns of which a song can be adorned with when being recommended in common conversation with a fellow music-lover, and is thus reserved for “those really fucking good songs dude, you know?” That being said, here’s my first post in a long time.

I’ve posted about Moi Je Joue on here before and talked about how much I liked them when they were going to open for Twin Sister way back in June. They were a fresh new band in the Rio Grande Valley that I very much wanted to bring attention to.

Well, a lot has happened since then. In fact, you could say that what was once fresh is now new again.

To bring you up to speed (which is right where you should be, friends), Moi Je Joue have changed their name.

They are now:

Along with this new name comes a new song, in a new sound. Out of the neatly paved spaces they once called home comes this garage rock mammoth of a pop tune breaking every piece of pavement the band has already laid down. This new track is called “Crutches”. It is…:deep breath:…the fucking jam.

Loving the vocals, loving the guitar, loving everything on this damn track! I especially love the tambourines in the bridge; you can’t beat that.

Vatican Beach will be going on a tour of Texas today with Aux (Austin), and The Alldays (Brownsville). Their tour kickoff show will be this Friday at Galeria 409 in Brownsville.

They will be out 10 days. I wish them the best of luck.

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