Waiter around here for yr ghost and all you do is hide.

You could say I’ve had this one in the chamber for a little while. I haven’t been lending my ears to that many new bands lately, but this particular band recently took my ears by storm.

They’re called Night Manager and they hail from the Brooklyn/Manhattan area of New York. I first heard of them on Facebook when I was invited to Frankie Rose’s LP-release party some time ago. I discovered through the event page that these guys (and girl) were slated to open the show. A week or so later, I came across their Bandcamp page and started listening to everything they had online. As of right now they have three small releases, two 5-track EPs and the most recent, a 3-track EP.

This selection bears the same name as the EP it’s on, which is called Ghost.
What absolutely kills me about this track is the chorus. Everything swirls together in this beautiful uproarious blast of energy that the band builds from the very beginning of the tune. Now, I’ve mentioned it on the blog before, I’ll mention it again; I will more-than-likely fall absolutely ass-over-teakettle for a band if there’s a girl in it. I won’t stand a chance. Keeping that song in mind, it very much remains the same when it comes to Night Manager. Caitlin Seager’s vocals are strong and refreshing with a subtle touch of reverb to them, which is an excitingly comforting quality to have in a band like this. Backing these pipes of steel is a solid rhythm section led by drummer Ezana Edwards and bassist David Tassy and some great guitars courtesy of Tim Angiolillo which add the final crunchy topping to this delicious feast of a band.

I highly recommend you take a listen to the rest of their music on their Bandcamp page linked above. The band is currently in the process of getting their first full-length album mixed, so keep both an eye and an ear out for that if you know what’s good for you.

Big Cartel

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