The Photon God’s 2010: LPs & EPs

It’s often that you don’t get the same experience from listening to a single song that you do when you listen to an entire album. There’s a story being told that you miss out on when you listen to one or two random songs. If I like an album, I listen to it over and over until I digest it as best as I can. Each of these albums was there for me through thick and thin, through any kind of weather, through road trips, through heartbreak, through life, death, what have you. However, I’m tired of putting things in a numbered order. It doesn’t matter. Each of these records is amazing. I thought “this is the best record I’ve ever heard” while listening to each one of these albums. Putting them in a numbered list seems fucking ridiculous now. In no particular order:

The Photon God’s Top 50 Albums of 2010

Beach HouseTeen Dream
Arcade FireThe Suburbs
Ariel Pink’s Haunted GraffitiBefore Today
Les Savy FavRoot For Ruin
Here We Go MagicPigeons
The Flaming LipsEmbryonic
DeerhunterHalcyon Digest
Magic KidsMemphis
Las RobertasLas Robertas
Dum Dum GirlsI Will Be
Someone Still Loves You Boris YeltsinLet It Sway
Janelle MonaeThe ArchAndroid
Owen PallettHeartland
Julian LynchMare
Surfer BloodAstro Coast
Lower DensTwin-Hand Movement
No AgeEverything In Between
The Soft PackThe Soft Pack
Twin ShadowForget
MedicationsCompletely Removed
Dr. DogShame, Shame
EmeraldsDoes It Look Like I’m Here?
Best CoastCrazy For You
EelsEnd Times
We Are ScientistsBarbara
Vampire WeekendContra
WomenPublic Strain (Get back together, assholes)
The BooksThe Way Out
Beach FossilsBeach Fossils
WavvesKing of the Beach
DevoSomething For Everybody
Kanye WestMy Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Xiu XiuDear God, I Hate Myself
Coma CinemaStoned Alone
The WalkmenLisbon
El GuinchoPop Negro
WoodsAt Echo Lake
The NationalHigh Violet
Frankie Rose & The OutsFrankie Rose & The Outs
Thee Oh SeesWarm Slime
Jeff The BrotherhoodHeavy Days
Lord HuronMighty
Foxes In FictionAlberto (Really recent, but really good)
GirlsBroken Dreams Club
Twin SisterColor Your Life
WarpaintThe Fool

This is my last list for LISTS WEEK. I am announcing here and now that I will be taking a break from the blog to regain whatever hours I’ve managed to shave off of my life from not sleeping. Call it a period of hibernation. I will be back sometime in January. Until then, if I don’t see you tonight or tomorrow, Happy Holidays!


New Jónsi album streaming on NPR

Jónsi’s new album, Go is streaming on NPR in it’s entirety.

Have a listen now before the album comes out!

Go Do

The album is currently available for pre-order at his website linked below.

Jonsi – Boy Lilikoi


Music Video: Jonsi – "Go Do"

Here is the fascinating music video for “Go Do”, the first single off of Jónsi’s upcoming album, Go, out April 5th on Parlophone and on April 6th on XL Recordings in the US.

This video is directed by Arni & Kinski who are also responsible for the conception and creation of the “Gobbledigook” and “Glósoli” videos for Jónsi’s band, Sigur Rós.

Here is a trailer for Go quiet, a film of Jónsi performing the entire album acoustically at home in Reykjavík, Iceland by Dean Deblois, the gentleman responsible for Sigur Rós’ breathtaking documentary, Heima.

Jonsi – Boy Lilikoi


With a buzz in his ears, Jónsi plays endlessly.

I’ve listened to a lot of instrumental music in my day but very few bands leave a ringing in my ears after they play regardless of how loud they are.

One of those bands is Sigur Rós. I have this little thing I tell people that the music they make lives on another plane of existence. Seriously.
(Photo: Audunn on Flickr)

The band’s vocalist/guitarist, Jón Þór Birgisson (otherwise known as Jónsi), has been mentioned on this blog before a few months ago when buzz surrounding the album he and his partner made, Riceboy Sleeps, was building.

Now, 4 months later, the buzz continues. On December 1st, a website for his upcoming solo LP was launched at with nothing but five letters displayed in the center of the page, J-O-N-S-I. As each day passed, each letter on the website was given a function when clicked on. Some animation would surround the letter as it played a sample of music from his album. Four of the letters are giving off music. The “i” was the only one left…until today.

Just a few moments ago, an e-mail was sent out to the mailing list that came with a track off of the album.
(Note: not album art.)

It sounds pretty great, guys. This man has an amazing talent for music with layers. I say that because anything he is a part of always has little fluttering flutes or violins or chimes in the background adding the most delicate of details to a song. I would go as far as to say that is his ‘signature’ technique, but I’m rambling as it is. Have a listen below:

Jónsi – Boy Lilikoi

UPDATE: Information aplenty! The album is to be called Go and will be released worldwide the week of March 22, 2010 on XL Recordings!

XL Recordings