Heavy Cream, motherfucker

I’ve been on such a huge garage/punk kick lately. For those of you who don’t read the local newspaper, The Monitor, a few more bands have been announced for Galax Z Bear‘s Galax Z Fair this March!

One such band that I would like to put the spotlight on is this incredible four-piece from Nashville called Heavy Cream. They’re signed to Jeff the Brotherhood’s Infinity Cat Recordings and have released a few 7″s, a split with RTX, and a full-length titled Danny.

There’s a lot of bands out there playing their hearts out right now, and this is definitely one of them. You’ve got Mimi slaying on guitar, Seth killing it on bass, Tiffany banging it out on drums, and Jessica kicking out the motherfucking jams on vocals. It’s like the Ramones fucked MC5 in the back alley of the venue they recorded their first record at. Posted a couple of my favorite tracks below.

Fucking wig out to this shit!

Heavy Cream – Summer Bummer

Heavy Cream – Deadbeat

Can’t wait to see these girls (and guy) tear my face off at Galax Z Fair. I don’t know if the event itself has announced them yet, so consider this a ‘leak’ of sorts.

Infinity Cat


Destination: Big Surr

Within the week, I will be posting a new blog mixtape. I’ve poured a little of myself into the mold for this one, so I think it’s pretty special. However, it occurred to me that there is a slight chance that you won’t be familiar with some of the artists on it. These bands might be relatively more obscure to the average blog-reader, so I’ve decided to write about a few of my favorites to save you some of the clickwork. If you’ve heard of these bands, great; we’re probably already friends. If you haven’t, you’re in for quite the treat. And we should probably be friends.

This band hails from Nashville, Tennessee and sounds like the orphaned street urchin of a kid of the Dinosaur Jr. and the Ramones upon first listen. Their songs range from slow and pensive pop to outright punk jams. A sampling of the latter will be on the mix, so I’m posting one of their more delicate tunes below. Math enthusiasts might get a kick out of the name. It’s called “Co Sine Tan Gent”. (heh)
Big SurrCo Sine Tan Gent

The band put out their first EP for free on their blogspot. Both are linked below. It’s a solid six-song release.

Download the EP