SUPER POST: Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 – A Prelude

:deep breath:

Holy fucking shit.

Ahem. At long last, after many painful months filled with speculation and innocent hope, the complete lineup for this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest has been released. And in quite a creative way, too.

A room was created on the new music-nerd haven-site a few days ago and with each new song on the founders’ playlists, a new name on the lineup was revealed. This idea reminds me a lot of the relationship listeners used to have with the radio before the Internet existed. That is, if you wanted to learn something regarding any kind of promotion or contest, you would have to tune in at the right minute to hear the news. Oh, the anticipation! The suspense! Unfortunately, I was not in the room to witness this grand event. However, I was able to check the festival’s website and a string of gasps and “WHAT THE FUCK!?”s followed. Much to the dismay of my fellow coffee shop patrons’ eardrums, of course.

And now, here is what I’m looking forward to at this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest. Please keep in mind that quite a few of these acts’ set times will probably overlap and I won’t be able to see them all. This is more or less what I would try to see if I could clone myself into at least three people.

SPOKEN WORD/STAND-UP (in alphabetical order)

SPOKEN WORD/STAND-UP (in alphabetical order)

SPOKEN WORD/STAND-UP (in alphabetical order)

Donald Glover

Brian Posehn

Henry Rollins

BANDS (in alphabetical order)

BANDS (in alphabetical order)

BANDS (in alphabetical order)

Asobi Seksu
“Walk On The Moon”

“Beat and the Pulse”

Big Freedia
“Azz Everywhere”

Blonde Redhead


Cloud Nothings
“Hey Cool Kid”

Cold Cave
“Life Magazine”

Dan Deacon

Danzig Legacy‘ (Danzig, Samhain, Danzig & Doyle playing Misfits)
“Where Eagles Dare”

Davila 666

Del the Funky Homosapien
“Make No Sense”

Dengue Fever
“Cement Slippers”

Flying Lotus
“Tea Leaf Dancers”


Joe Lally (of Fugazi)
“What Makes You”

Keep Shelly In Athens
“Running Out Of You”

Kid Dynamite

Major Lazer
“Pon De Floor”


“No Romance”

Neon Indian
“Polish Girl”

No Bunny
“I Am A Girlfriend”

Okkervil River
“Wake and Be Fine”

Public Enemy
“Bring the Noise”

Purity Ring

The Radio Dept
“Pulling Our Weight”

“Angel of Death”

Thee Oh Sees

“Imidiwan Afrik Temdam”


We Were Promised Jetpacks
“Quiet Little Voices”

“See A Penny, Pick It Up”

Time to get excited.



It’s time I mention some upcoming shows going down in my neck of the woods. There are some really great acts coming down for the first time that I’m personally very excited about. And these are all thanks to this new ghost promoter that no one knows absolutely anything about named Galax Z Bear. He popped up out of nowhere and started bringing down some pretty sweet bands to the McAllen, Texas area. Who is behind all of this doesn’t really matter. Let’s hope this trend continues. I welcome this bear with open arms. The shows are as follows:


April 28 – WHITE RABBITS w/Special guests @ Cine El Rey

May 6 – JULIANNA BARWICK @ Fallback Records

June 7 – TWIN SISTER w/DIGNAN @ Cine El Rey

Tickets to these shows are available at both Fallback Records and Ambrosia Coffee in McAllen.

SXSW 2011

Okay, I may be posting again but I don’t feel like writing a lengthy piece about my travels at SXSW. Instead, I’ve created a video using all of the footage I shot at the festival. A ‘recap’ if you will. I hope you enjoy it.

I named it after some bathroom graffiti I found on a wall in The Brixton’s men’s room which you actually get to see near the end of the video. I used Reading Rainbow’s “Wasting Time” for the music because that song’s been in my head since I saw them play Cheer-Up Charlie’s one afternoon. I had a really good time up there. I miss it dearly.

Interview: Monotonix

Two Wednesdays ago, Israel’s Monotonix paid our little corner of the country a visit. It was an incredible show; arguably one of the more memorable shows I’ve been to in my neck of the woods.
(Photo: Gabriel Elizondo)
Before the show, I had the pleasure of pulling the band aside for a bit to talk about shows, songwriting, and getting older.

TPG: So, introduce yourselves.

*introducing themselves*

Yonotan Gat: My name is Yonotan.

Haggai Fershtman: Haggai.

Ami Shalev: Ami.

Yonotan: Sacci.

TPG: What’s that?

Yonotan: Sacci. It’s his nickname.

TPG: Oh okay. How did that start?

Yonotan: When he was an activist, and he used to work at Whole Foods, he changed his name to Sacci for a few years. Then when he quit, he went back to being Ami.

TPG: Oh, (to Ami) when were you an activist?

(Ami turns around)

Ami: Hm?

TPG: Activist?

Ami: I am very activist; especially in bed. (they laugh)

TPG: Are you married?

Ami: Married. Buried.

TPG: (laughs) Alright, so you’ve been a band since 2005?

Yonotan: Yes. (to the others) He did research. He talked to me about Mono Addicted Acid Man.

Ami: Wow.

Haggai: Good band.

TPG: Yeah, how did you all meet?

Haggai: In a club in Tel Aviv.

TPG: How long ago?

Yonotan: 10 years ago?

Haggai: 10 years ago.

TPG: How old are all of you?

Ami: Ah!

Yonotan: I prefer not to say my age.

Haggai: 38.

Ami: 45.

TPG: Okay, is it true that you were banned from all the venues in Tel Aviv?

Haggai: No, almost all of them.

TPG: Almost? Why?

Ami: They say that we [were] playing too loud.

TPG: Too loud?

Ami: Yeah.

TPG: But you’re a rock band…

Haggai: But this is Israel

TPG: Oh, well yeah. Israel is more conservative?

Haggai: Ehh, yes and no.

Yonotan: When it comes to certain things.

Haggai: Like, if you do Eastern music, they go [thumbs up], but if you do rock [thumbs down].

TPG: Really?

Haggai: It’s a matter of culture.

TPG: Hm. And I guess rock isn’t a part of that culture?

Ami: For example–I can give you an example. A friend of mine; they play in a band called The Bee Gees, back in the 60s. And I said to them, “Guys, you playing too loud” and they listened to me, and look at what happened in the 70s; they became one of the biggest bands in the world.

TPG: That’s right.

Ami: So, it might be bad for us that we didn’t listen to the people in Tel Aviv that telled us that we play too loud.

Yonotan: They also tell us that we look like the Bee Gees.

TPG: Really?

Yonotan: In Tel Aviv, yes.

TPG: Haha, do you agree with that statement?

Yonotan: I wish.

TPG: Can you sing like The Bee Gees?

Haggai: I can!

Yonotan: Haggai has a really good falsetto.
(Haggai proceeds to sing into my mic)

Ami: But you can tell by the way they walk! He is the woman-man!

TPG: Yeah, with the hips! So, you were injured earlier this year, Ami.

Ami: Yes.

TPG: How did that happen?

Ami: I dont’ know, because I didn’t do anything in particular that made it happen.

TPG: It just happened?

Ami: I just tear up the meniscus.

TPG: Are you better?

Ami: Right now, yeah.

TPG: How long did it take to recover?

Ami: (thinks) Two months.

TPG: So no walking or anything?

Ami: No, walking, lot of practicing, a lot of physical therapy. We played shows in Australia, but we had to cancel one show.

TPG: That’s cool. You guys play a lot of shows. You’ve played…

Ami: Thousands of shows!
(Photo: Gabriel Elizondo)
TPG: Thousands?

Haggai: We feel it, we feel it!

TPG: That’s really good. I’m really glad about that because there’s a lot of young bands nowadays that burn out, you know? They stop playing really young…

Yonotan: We wouldn’t know anything about burning out. That’s never happened to us.

TPG: That’s really cool. I really, really admire that. So you have your third album coming out next year. It’s called Not Yet.

Ami: Yes.

TPG: Why did you call it Not Yet?

Ami: I dunno, it’s a long story. It happened in Tuscon, Arizona.

Haggai: Yes, Tuscon, Arizona.

Ami: Someone in an interview asked us “do you have a name for your last record”? So we say “Not Yet”. Then–“Oh! That’s a good name”! (laughs)

TPG: For your last record? So it’s your final album?

Ami: Ah! No. He asked us “what is the name of your next record” and we say “Not Yet”, then “Oh! That’s a good name”.

TPG: Yeah like a little light bulb appeared above your head.

Haggai: Yeah.

TPG: I wanted to ask, I was looking at the track list and you have a song on there called “Before I Pass Away”.

Ami: That’s correct.

TPG: What inspired you to write a song like that? You have other songs like “Set Me Free”—very exciting songs, that seems very mature.

Haggai: Because we never died before. You mean like there is a ‘gloomy’ atmosphere to our [music]?

TPG: Maybe, something more contemplative, mature even. Would you say that there is something like that?

Ami: Well yeah, we’re getting older. You can’t say that we’re getting younger.

Haggai: And this is like, in the eye of the beholder.

TPG: And in your eye, you’re getting older?

(they nod)

Ami: You can’t ignore it. We’re getting older.

TPG: But I’m sure at shows you’re younger in spirit?

Ami: Uhh, yes, we try to but—I don’t know.

Haggai: Time will tell.

(Haggai and Ami say something in Hebrew)

TPG: Okay then. On the new record, you worked with Steve Albini.

Ami: Yes.

Haggai: Yes.

TPG: That’s awesome. Are you fans of Shellac?

Ami: Of course!

TPG: What was it like working with him? I’ve always wondered…

Ami: It was really cool.

Haggai: Down to business.

TPG: Down to business? Is he very serious?

Haggai: No, you could joke with him but he’s very functional. Very simple, very straight forward. It’s very simple to work like that. You know what you see, you know what you want to get—very clear.

TPG: Did you do it digitally?

Haggai: No, never.

TPG: Oh okay, cause I know Steve only works with analog.

Ami: Yes.

TPG: Okay, do you think that you represent Israel well?

Ami: I hope so!

TPG: Given that you don’t play there very much—I was talking to Yonotan earlier and he said you don’t play there any more.

Ami: No, we don’t any more.

TPG: Would you want to play there again?

Ami: Neh. I don’t think so.

Haggai: It’s more embarrassing.

TPG: Why?

Haggai: (bashful) Cause it’s home. Hehe.

Ami: You have to see these people tomorrow when you wake up. (laughs)

TPG: Well one last question. Why do you play on the ground?

Haggai: We are a band of the people. We want to play at the same level as them. That’s why we play on the ground.

TPG: No stages, no masters.

Haggai: (laughs) Yes! No stages, no masters!

TPG: Well, it sounds like next band [The Young Maths] is setting up. Whaddya say we go check ‘em out?

Ami: Yes!

Haggai: Yeah let’s go!

Not Yet is out on Drag City Records January 25th of next year.


Recently, several bands pulled out of the lineup for Fun Fun Fun Fest due to various reasons. They are as follows:

DEVO (get well soon, Bob)
Dum Dum Girls (RIP Mrs. Gundred)

In their place, the following bands have been added to the bill:

Washed Out
Nortec Collective
The Antlers



This is kind of huge. This is going to be the band’s only US date this year. Probably ever. I can’t say for sure. However, you should probably buy your tickets for Fun Fun Fun Fest now. I can assure you that with this little piece of news being put out to the world, they’re going to start disappearing fast.



The Young Maths to release new digital EP

In just less than a week, The Young Maths will be releasing their new three track EP, You’re Buying Nothing.

Unlike the release of their previous EP, Thank You, Goodnight We Are…, this will be a digital-only release through Bandcamp on August 3rd (my birthday!).

Here’s the first track off of the EP. It’s called “The Mistress”.

Here is a video I put together of the band playing “The Science” at Havok Records this past Saturday.


Interview: Charlie Brand of Miniature Tigers

I had the pleasure of speaking with Charlie Brand of Miniature Tigers before their performance at Cine El Rey in McAllen, Texas on June 6th.

Note: Don’t be fooled, I am not as tall as he is. I was standing on some slabs of concrete. I also didn’t speak loud enough to be picked up by the mic. Therefore, subtitles.

Miniature Tigers – Gold Skull

FORTRESS is out July 27th on Modern Art Records

Modern Art Records